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Chiropractic 101

A personal Perspective;     All That is Constanstant is Change 

I attended Palmer Chiropractic College at a time when academics were a dynamic force in the defence of philosophy grounded subluxation based chiropractic. 

The student body heard chiropractors recount the dreaded sound of hobnailed boots on a wooden porch floor heralding the arrival of police and of chiropractors having a 'jail bag' of necessities at their office. Brave chiropractors described investigation, prosecution and their eventual imprisonment.  Both parents of my classmate, Bev Mort, had served time.

Chiropractic academics clearly recognised and encouraged the students to be fully aware of the reality that although these court cases impacted upon individual chiropractors the objective of organised medicine's international trade war was market capture by eliminating philosophy grounded subluxation based chiropractic.

The battle line was very clear; on an international scale organised medicine was the aggressor whose motive was market capture.

In this instance, market capture is about ensuring that pharmacy based medicine profits from treating subluxation related symptoms for as long as the subluxation continues to generate symptoms.  Market capture requires stopping chiropractors removing the subluxations so that the symptoms reduce or go without need of drugs or surgery.

Visiting chiropractors explained how the threat of prosecution restricted their role as practitioners.

(This is an example of restricted role: Years after my graduation I attended a conference in Bournemouth. During a break from lectures I was sitting on a patio sharing a coffee with a chiropractor from either Spain or Portugal.  I asked for his business card. He looked at me as if he was amazed I should ask and explained not only did he not have a business card but he had to constantly shift his practice to avoid arrest and possible imprisonment.)

By comparison Perth was a quite backwater. Our new chiropractic Act gave chiropractors a very limited exemption from the WA medical Act. Chiropractors were not legally permitted to breach the definition of medicine under the WA medical Act.  From memory the definition was something along the line of: The practise of medicine is anything to do with providing advice about, the diagnosis of and treatment of disease.  For some decades it was illegal for chiropractors to 'diagnose and treat'.

Medical hostility was very public during the years when various national medical associations adopted the ethical requirement that members must not professionally associate with chiropractors or refer patients to them.  The WA state government, far from being willing to support chiropractic, let Dr Dador MP have his full say in parliament. The WA media echoed his disinformation.

When a delegation of chiropractors met Dan O'Sullivan, I think he was the publisher of the local newspaper, he responded to our call for fair play by advising us that he could not do anything to help and that chiropractors would have to 'pull themselves up by their own bootstraps'.

I made my own list of government imposed anti-competitive trade barriers that denied public health market entry while confining chiropractors to the private health marketplace. I wrote and published newsletters about anti-chiropractic political discrimination and circulated them to key media and political players.

During my follow up meetings I felt comfortable challenging the MPs and media people who were a party to this great wrongdoing to explain their misconduct. I observed what seemed to me to be supposedly powerful people who were powerless puppets.  My conclusion was that their loyalty was in effect, brought and paid for.

Chiropractic associations do not publically recognise and oppose the obvious restraints of trade that contain chiropractic within the private health marketplace. Seen from the perspective of a scheme to ensure the continuity of medical treatment of subluxation related symptoms while at the same time denying public patients of their access to the resolution of those symptoms via chiropractic care, unopposed containment is an outstanding success.

Understanding the financial motive served by and the harm done to those patients who have subluxation related disorder by this set of trade restraints ends any illusion medical ethical, altruistic integrity in this matter:

1. The information restraint. Even among the most trusted profession a first victim of war is truth. It serves Medicine’s vested interests to absolutely deny the validity of and the very existence of, subluxation-related disorders. Chiropractic patients tell of medical practitioners echoing an array of anti-chiropractic misinformation.

2. The "ethic" restraint, obstruct professional association between chiropractors and medical practitioners. The Fourth General Assembly of the AMA resolved, "The AMA is of the opinion that medical practitioners may not act in consultation with, associate professionally with, conduct investigations for, nor refer patients to chiropractors or osteopaths." (Medical Journal of Australia supplement 1965 page 126) Though no longer obligatory to AMA members, its strong influence lingers.

3. The gatekeeper restraint dovetailed with the "ethic" restraint to complete an effective lockout. Obligatory medical referrals or permission lessen the likelihood of access to chiropractic care by veterans and civilian prisoners.

4. The access restraint denies those public patients who have subluxation related disorders appropriate direct access to chiropractic care within taxpayer-funded health care facilities and programs.

5. The legislative restraint negatively influences a great deal of legislation, directly or indirectly relevant to chiropractic, so as to deny fair and just treatment under the law.

6. The economic restraint is reflected in the bias within Medicare, which effectively economically denies Medicare dependent patients Medicare funded direct access to chiropractic care.

These professional trade barriers:

• Contribute toward many patients having inappropriate tests, incorrect diagnoses and incorrect medical treatment of subluxation related symptoms while the cause of the symptoms, the subluxations is not addressed.

• Restrain public patient access to an appropriate management of subluxation related disorders.

• Financially lock Medicare-dependent patients who have subluxation related disorders into drug and surgery-oriented treatment.

• Have the outcome of widespread unnecessary prolonged suffering and expense.

• Give Medicine a multi-million dollar trading advantage.

Somewhere along the decades, chiropractors became unwilling to publically own, recognise, confront and oppose the absolute wrongdoing in a conspiracy to deny public patients direct access to chiropractors. The key people in ACA and later CAA and our academics had two choices:

1) Publically recognising, confronting and absolutely opposing the undeniable wrongdoing that these people commit.

2) Submit to, rather than oppose, the objective of organised medicine's international trade war, the elimination of philosophy grounded subluxation based chiropractic.

Chiropractic  pioneers were prepared to go to prison to defend philosophy grounded subluxation based Chiropractic. The fight has gone out of today's chiropractic profession. Seemingly committed chiropractors rolled over and in effect betrayed the health interests of a large number of patients who have subluxation related disorders.

Perhaps the most successful part of the conspiracy to first contain and eventually eliminate chiropractic has been the abandonment by chiropractors of philosophy grounded subluxation based chiropractic.

At the dawn of my career academics were a dynamic force in the defence of philosophy grounded subluxation based chiropractic. At the sunset of my career  academics have been a dynamic force in the abandonment of philosophy grounded subluxation based chiropractic.

Chiropractic undergraduate education 101 should include the history of the struggle for registration by chiropractors who were prepared to go to jail. Student chiropractors should be informed about the Iowa Plan, the Wilk vrs AMA trial and the set of trade barriers that will restrict their liberty to practise. Their pathology course should include a or the leading cause of death and permanent harm, the iatrogenic epidemic.  

I welcome constructive critiques from chiropractors. 


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Michael McKibbin passed his Iowa Basic Science and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa.

Since then both wonderful staff and patients have contributed toward decades of valued experience in his family practice.


October 2010
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