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What is My Reality?

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When I began my career most chiropractors practised philosophy based subluxation focused chiropractic.

The last four decades saw chiropractic academics create courses that re-package 'Chiropractic' as other than subluxation based chiropractic. Hence, proportionally far fewer new chiropractors are locating and adjusting subluxations as their signature role. As I understand it, the volume of today's average practice, is about two thirds lower. 

Undermining chiropractic education continues to be very successful. In Australia, many of Australia's academics and chiropractors are surrendering the management of subluxation related symptoms to the medical profession.

Soon many private patients who have subluxation related disorders will not have the option of having a chiropractor locate and adjust subluxations.

 A glimpse at our history. 

The right to locate and adjust subluxations came at a high price.  In the early 1900's and in various countries, laws giving medicine a monopoly allowed legal grounds for chiropractors, who were locating and adjusting subluxations, to be prosecuted for practicing medicine without a licence. 

According to "The Medical War Against Chiropractors: The Untold Story from Persecution to Vindication by JC Smith P14: "During the first half of the twentieth century, over 12,000 American chiropractors were prosecuted over 15,000 times, and some 3,300 were sent to jail for practicing medicine without a license." 

As a student chiropractor I heard some of those brave people tell of the great hardship that they endured to ensure the survival of subluxation philosophy based chiropractic.

Imprisoning chiropractors gave way to exclusive trading arrangements between the government and those practicing under medicine's broad umbrella. Exclusive dealing creates the containment of chiropractic. 'Contain and eliminate' was the trade war's final solution.

In the 1960's Medical associations in the USA, Australia and New Zealand conducted nationwide ethics based boycotts of chiropractors.  US  chiropractors challenged that ethic based boycott as a restraint of trade. A US court found that US medical associations had conspired to first contain and eventually eliminate the profession of chiropractic.

Conventional wars may involve eliminating selected people based upon their unique religious or ethnic similarity. In this marketing war eliminating a group of health care providers may be equated with professional genocide.

For over half of a century containment has created professional apartheid wherein chiropractors are exiled to the periphery of mainstream health care while being denied the recognition, trading rights and privileges accorded to those practicing under medicine’s broad umbrella.  

What is at stake?

 Briefly: billions of dollars! 

Two options of managing subluxation related disorders are:  1) Pharmacy based medicine profits from treating subluxation related symptoms for as long as the subluxation continues to generate symptoms.  2) When chiropractors remove the subluxations, the symptoms reduce or go without need of drugs or surgery. 

As I understand it; when exposed to appropriate emotional, physical and or chemical stress levels, vertebrates share a potential to subluxate and demonstrate subluxation related symptoms. 

The global healts care potential of addressing subluxation related symptoms in both humans and a range of other vertebrates would be worth billions of dollars per year. 

How has organisedmedicine defended its market share? 

The US Wilk vrs AMA trial exposed the Iowa Plan whose eventual goal is to make Chiropractic wither on the vine. I am still amazed at how effective Throckmorton’s Iowa Plan’s disinformation program continues to be.

Disinformation, false information to intentionally deceive a naïve public echoed around the world, repeated by society’s trusted medical profession to the point where those who claim the moral high-ground in politics and the media as well as a naive public, still re-echo that disinformation. 

Medically sourced disinformation continues to be remarkably successful in destroying the validity of subluxation based chiropractic in the eyes of the public, media, legislators, chiropractors and especially among our academics.   A measure of the success of this part of the trade war is that many of our academics and associations have largely abandoned what was philosophy based subluxation focused chiropractic. 

Within global health care disinformation serves to defend a covert trade war spanning nations and generations.  One goal of the conspiracy among US medical associations was to ‘contain’ chiropractic. The trade war uses the structure and function of publicly funded health care and exclusive dealing to keep chiropractic confined within the private health marketplace. 

Within public health containment permits medicine's exclusive claim to the multimillion dollar management of the Australia’s subluxation related symptoms. 

Chiropractors and collectively chiropractic associations have two choices: 1) publicly accept, recognise, confront and actively oppose containment or 2) passively submit to it. Throughout the last few decades their collective choice has been and continues to be to passively submit to containment, rather than defend the rights of Australia's chiropractic community. 

Almost 50 years ago the Iowa Plan set out how to first contain and eventually eliminate what was at that time thriving philosophy based subluxation focused chiropractic.  That goal will soon be achieved.  

As a chiropractor, what is your reality? Please feel welcome to share your reality with me.  

Michael McKibbin DC



Your Chiropractor

Michael McKibbin passed his Iowa Basic Science and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa.

Since then both wonderful staff and patients have contributed toward decades of valued experience in his family practice.


October 2010
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