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Degenerative Disc Disease

Chronic Low Amplitude Spinal Aches May Warn Of DJD

Someone failed to tell the real story. When our spines are under excess duress they let us know with spinal related aches and pains. Masking those symptoms with drugs and continuening to overload the spine invites permanent damage, early aging. 

A healthy disc serves as a shock absorbing-transmitter providing the right amount of space between the vertebra above it and below it. 

Broadly speaking the process of disc degeneration (early ageing) follows the law that, for every rule there is an exception. However, four things commonly happen: 

(1)  The disc may allow the joints to incur excess pressure


(2)  the disc wall may bulge-out, "a slipped disc"


(3)  it may press against a nerve


(4)  the vertebra sitting upon that failing disc may become unstable

Our spines are motion units made up of vertebrae and discs that are prone to malfunction through excess stress.

A common excess stress, long term fixation and misalignment, causes early wear, a premature ageing of parts called degenerative joint disease (DJD).

Regardless if the stress initiating degenerative joint disease was emotional and/or, physical and/or chemical, stress adds up to stress. 

Different causes such as a fall off a trike, being hurt at football, or carrying too much weight for decades, may accumulate and have similar long term outcomes. 

People may be unaware that they have DJD or, early symptoms may be a constant dull ache associated with chronic bouts of being tired and cranky. Ignorance of creeping degeneration may lead to unintended neglect of minor early warning aches and pains which patients treat with pain killers and/or muscle relaxants.

As the disc narrows, the two vertebrae come closer together causing an abnormal loss of joint motion. The unbuffered joint surfaces, which are rich in nerve endings, may begin grinding against each other. This may cause degeneration (early ageing) of the smooth surfaces of the joints.

Easily subluxated vertebrae, frequently, rest upon a narrow disc. Unstable motor units may be upset by a minor stress with subsequent dramatic symptoms.

Patients with acute, severe symptoms may describe minor stresses such as; "I just flicked my hair back after a shower." "As I bent over the wash basin, all I did was cough." "My foot just caught a raised concrete slab in a footpath and away it went." "All I did was kick a brick."

Perhaps the saddest statement of childish wishing is: "I thought it just might go away."

At Attadalechiropractic we encourage patients to make chiropractic a lifetime affair.

The bottom line for degenerative disc disease is;
"Avoid starting it! If you have the warning signs, don't neglect them!"


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Since then both wonderful staff and patients have contributed toward decades of valued experience in his family practice.


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