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Do You Sense That Something is Amiss?

Australia's 1977 Webb Report noted; “the majority of chiropractic patients have attended a medical practitioner for the same specific symptoms they presented to the chiropractor. …. The majority of patients in those studies had discarded conventional medical therapy because of failure to obtain relief –“. Then referring to their later experience with chiropractic: the majority of whom report high levels of satisfaction with treatment they received.”  In Australia, over 2,000,000 patients have chiropractic care each year.

Decades later, Webb’s sequence of events continues as our governments still sponsor failed medical treatment while denying direct access to successful chiropractic care for subluxation related disorders Very simply; ‘subluxation’ refers to a bone out of place, nerve interference and restricted joint motion.

Assuming the reader is among the majority, let us look see if Webb’s sequence of events applies to you

Are you one of the many failed medical patients who have had:

Unnecessary medical tests? Yes [ ] No [ ]
Incorrect medical diagnosis? Yes [ ] No [ ]
Failed medical treatment? Yes [ ] No [ ]
Needless expense? Yes [ ] No [ ]
Needless suffering? Yes [ ] No [ ]
Needless risk of medical harm? Yes [ ] No [ ]

Did you then go on to have:

A successful outcome following chiropractic care? Yes [ ] No [ ]
Did Medicare reimburse fees relating to your medical failure? Yes [ ] No [ ]
Did Medicare reimburse fees relating to your chiropractic success? Yes [ ] No [ ]

Many of our successful patients ask about medicine’s negative image of chiropractic. 
Are you satisfied with:

Our faciliities? Yes [ ] No [ ]
Our Consultation? Yes [ ] No [ ]
Our examination? Yes [ ] No [ ]
Our report of findings? Yes [ ] No [ ]
Our patient ecucation? Yes [ ] No [ ]
The outcome of chiropractic care? Yes [ ] No [ ]
Has your chiropractic experience contradicted medicine’s view of chiropractic? Yes [ ] No [ ]
Did the GP fail you by not referring you to, or advising you to see, a chiropractor? Yes [ ] No [ ]

Do you support the concept that the majority of those patients should have been able to:

Directly access chiropractic care within public health? Yes [ ] No [ ]
Gain Medicare reimbursement for chiropractic care? Yes [ ] No [ ]
In your opinion, are patient and public interests protected by arrangements that in effect impose failed medical treatment while denying direct access to successful chiropractic care?


Yes [ ]


No [ ]

The majority have a right to know how Australia’s governments still make denied access happen.

How ‘something amiss’ is achieved.

Only the illness industry is uniquely subdivided into two marketplaces, a massive public health marketplace and a small private health marketplace. A set of trade barriers: 1) Protect medicine from competition from chiropractors in the public health marketplace 2) Confine the trade of chiropractors to within the private health marketplace. That confinement is called containment.

A US court proven medical conspiracy, (Wilk v AMA) used that set of trade barriers to first contain and to eventually eliminate the chiropractic profession ‘in the USA and elsewhere’.

The information restraint: The US conspiracy withheld the truth about chiropractic while using information intended to deceive such as ‘practitioners of exclusive dogma’ ‘unscientific cultists’, ‘lay practitioners’ ‘quacks’, and ‘charlatans’. In Australia, its echoes continue to restrain trade.

The AMA "ethic" restraint: Similar restraints in the US, Oz and NZ once forbade professional association between chiropractors and medical practitioners. Discouraging referrals restrains trade.

The gatekeeper restraint: Gives medical practitioners sole control of the right of members of our defence forces, returned veterans, civilian prisoners and injured workers to trade with chiropractors. By not referring, medical gatekeepers can restrain trade between patients and chiropractors.

The access restraints: Effectively denies those public patients who have subluxation-related disorders appropriate access to chiropractic care within taxpayer-funded health care facilities, such as public hospitals and public health care programs.

The legislative restraints: Parliaments deny Australia’s chiropractic community fair and just treatment under laws and arrangements that deny public patients direct access to chiropractic.

The economic restraint: Medicare legislation effectively denies the general population of chiropractic patients their direct access to an appropriate amount of chiropractic care. The government in WA has denied chiropractors public hospital privileges on the justification of no Medicare reimbursement.

This structure and function of this nationwide restraint of trade could not have become established nor remain entrenched without the informed support of people in power. During the last forty years I have lobbied MPs from all political parties. Succinctly put, I ensured that they knew that ‘containment’ is about defending the vested interests of big business and government; it is not about defending patient and public interests. When the defence of vested interests takes precedence over the health needs of millions of public patients, something is amiss. This betrayal of patient and public interests is a central evil of containment.

When no MP, not even a close acquaintance, ever realy took up the cause I came to understand that they have no say, the corruption is beyond their influence.  The nearest I got to that being confirmed was that it was implied, no MP ever told me that.  

The structure and function of containment deny patients access to the correction of subluxations while confining their management medical options. I thought protecting vested interests at the price of leaving patients endure chronic subluxation related symptoms was about as callous as governments get; until I understood concealment of the iatrogenic epidemic.   But that is another part of my journey.


As usual I welcome your feedback.

Michael R


Your Chiropractor

Michael McKibbin passed his Iowa Basic Science and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa.

Since then both wonderful staff and patients have contributed toward decades of valued experience in his family practice.


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