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Hold on! Chiropractors Treat Medical Problems?

Have you ever read a statement, had a feeling that its content was incorrect and then discovered that the author had turned fact upon its head?

A syndicated medical writer for Faifax media authored an article that includes the following: Chiropractic is based on the theory that all medical conditions can be cured by adjusting subluxations, or misalignments in the spine, which cannot be found on medical scans.  See 

Think for a moment: "all medical conditions" including "Bullet holes"? "3rd degree burns? "fractures". In my experience chiropractors believe and teach that the management of choice for such "medical problems" is Medicine.

I seek to have our patients refer people who they think may have subluxation related disorders. If a new patient has a medical problem, I recommend that she/he seek medical attention.

Chiropractors believe and teach that Medicine is not the management of choice for correcting the cause of subluxation related /symptoms/disorders. However, Chiropractic is.

Come to think of it, there would be vastly more chiropractic problems treated by the medical profession than there are medical problems being treated by chiropractors.

It is my impression that most GPs seem to believe that drugs and or surgery are the appropriate management for the vast majority of chiropractic problems.

Watch for other instances where medical spokespersons turn fact upon its head.

I ask our patients to let me know of any errors in the foregoing.   The “Hold On” series of articles debunk some red herrings. Please read and network them.

Michael McKibbin DC






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